The iBook lives

So, as of late last night, I thought my iBook was dead. After only having purchased it on May 30th, this was quite sad. I went to the Apple Store tonight with a sigh and a hopeful smile. Surely they’d just give me a replacement since it had been less than two weeks and it had already died. They were very nice. Listened to my blathering story and obvious sadness. Then I turned on the computer. And it booted up just fine. That was curious. Brian, the tech at the “Genius Bar“, said he recognized my email address and thought he may have been to my website via a link on Adam Gaffin’s Boston Common. Fun! He suggested that I not run File Vault since (as far as he knew) I’m not in the FBI or CIA. Apparently that application can act up. Who knows if that’s what was going on when it went into its coma. Oh, and he’s got a weblog, too. Fun! It’s over at that he runs with his conspirator, Jake.

Now I just need to come up with a suitable name for the computer. The last one was Zippy. Something that starts with “Z”?