The importance of social networks and relating as humans

Doug Dalton shared his thoughts about the importance of social networks.

Admittedly, this is nothing really new. No (wo)man is an island. Interdependency is at the root of humanity. We all know this. So often though, we forget it.

I’ve been a connector and matchmaker for friends and colleagues for a long time. It’s just what I do. I resisted websites like Ryze at first because they seemed so unnecessary. But I’ve come around since then mostly because I figure it can’t hurt to be open to new ways of making new connections. (Thanks to Shannon for inspiring me to check out Ryze again and sign up Summer 2002). I think most of us need to be reminded that it’s important not to worry so much about how useful someone can be for you. I’d rather concern myself with just getting to know someone as a human and not worrying about the person’s usefulness in my life whether personally or professionally.

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