This is news?

Michael posted tidbits about a story on regarding several Pearl Jam fans leaving the concert early during the encore because the band was voicing opposition to George Bush and the war in Iraq. Have these people been living under a rock even bigger than mine? Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam’s lead singer) has not been shy about his political views over the years. And as Michael points out, he campaigned extensively for Nader’s presidential campaign.

I can’t decide what’s worse: that people so unaware would attend a Pearl Jam concert and leave upset or that CNN would report this story as newsworthy from a very small minority. I’d like to know how CNN knew that everyone leaving early was actually doing so because they were annoyed with Eddie’s comments or because they wanted to beat the traffic home. Using a word like “several” doesn’t seem to make it all that newsworthy. Wow! Out of thousands of people at a concert, “several” left.

The world is a curious place but I plan to keep my own opinions. What that CNN story needs is a good supply of Chris Farley quotes.

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