What do your words mean?

Chris Pirillo announced on his website today that he was no longer at TechTV hosting the Call for Help show. He seemed to really enjoy his work there so it certainly came as a surprise. I waded through the oodles of comments people were posting on his website sharing their thoughts regarding the news. Chris has a lot of fans and friends online which isn’t all that surprising since he’s a genuinely nice guy. Apparently Leo Laporte who used to host Call For Help is now once again the host. Leo made the following statement on his website: “Chris has decided to return his full focus to Lockergnome (I’m sure he’ll have more to say about it on his blog) and TechTV has agreed to allow me to return as host of Call for Help starting tomorrow.” Maybe I’m weird. (Nevermind that question.) But it seems odd that someone would make a comment about Chris’ plans before he (Chris) had a chance to make such a detailed statement himself. This is probably not an international crisis; but it does involve someone who I’ve been an online friend and fan of for many years (ISCABBS!) and it bugs me to see someone make such a statement. Gretchen Pirillo had a few tidbits to share but since she’s closer to the source they probably carry a bit more weight. ;)

Curious Update: Leo Laporte changed the text on his website and the quote I noted above is no longer there.