Trying out the Vox crossposter for WordPress

Pete Wood created the Vox Crossposter plugin for WordPress to crosspost over to a Vox blog. Alas, it won’t work with old entries or edits until there’s an API; but it seems to be nifty nonetheless. I’m trying it out with my Vox blog at

2 replies on “Trying out the Vox crossposter for WordPress”

wait.. so you can post to WP and it goes to LJ *AND* VOX? wait…no, I read this on your feed. So you can only use one crossposter at a time, I assume? (I’m asking as if you are the coder…heh)

Hey Halcyon: I have syndicated through LiveJournal but I guess that’s a little different than cross-posting since on the LJ syndication, I can’t get into it to edit, write new entries, etc.

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