Universal Hall Pass’s cover of “Ring of Fire” on American Idol

Melissa Kaplan

A friend alerted me that Adam Lambert on American Idol sang Universal Hall Pass’s arrangement of Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” a couple weeks ago. A cover of a cover? Aha! Apparently Ryan Seacrest thought it was a version of the song by Chris Cornell. Oops. I finally checked out Adam’s version on YouTube and it was really, really bad. So bad I don’t think I should even link to it.

If you want to hear Melissa Kaplan of Universal Hall Pass’s outstanding version of “Ring of Fire”, listen to it in the playlist below of eight covers. Or download the MP3 from the Universal Hall Pass website. Melissa was the singer of one of my favorite Boston bands, Splashdown.

Photo Credit: I’m not sure who took this photo. It’s an old press photo when Melissa was in Splashdown.

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