Want to help test out my new WhizSpark powered event site?

Something weird seems to be happening with the new event website I set up for Game Night on August 23rd. I’m not sure what I’ve done to mess it up. Oddly enough, the site looks fine on WhizSpark’s Windows-based computers but when I try to go to the site on a Mac, it doesn’t work. A friend on a Mac tried the site and got the same error message.

If you’d like to do me a favor and test it out, please do! Please post your results (what you see when you go to the URL, operating system and browser) in the comments. Thanks!

Update 17 August: It’s working OK now.

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In Safari, I’m seeing the same thing you are — an ugly error. But dude, this comment preview thing is awesome! You are such a WordPress geek.


The error message you are receiving certainly isn’t the right error message. However, that isn’t the issue, I believe. We’ve narrowed it down to a cookie setting issue. I do not believe that this should perform too differently on other browsers. But, it is possible.

I was able to get the following error when clicking your link on a PC in firefox and IE:

“This site is currently being designed by WhizSpark Event Planning WebSite Creation Tools. Click ok to search for events powered by WhizSpark.”

We are looking into making that a more appropriate message.

For your immediate purposes, you can avoid this issue by not capitalizing any of the letters in the url. Try this.
Let me know if that doesn’t solve the problem.

Also, we launched a new feature on WhizSpark tonight that allows people to download ads to place on their websites. If you give away free prizes, they can earn credits when their site visitors go to the event website and RSVP, invite someone or do anything that requres them to sign-in or sign up.

We have a few pressing issues to solve (like letting people resend email campaigns). The next enhancement on the list for event websites is to let you control the CSS for colors and fonts.

Thanks for using WhizSpark!

PS. I agree. I love the comment preview thing you’ve got hooked up here. Tim Grahl is also writing a wordpress plugin that lets people opt in to subscribing for a mailing list through WhizSpark. I know you aren’t using WhizSpark to send out your mailings anymore. But, you could use it to build your event mailing list.

Mike: When I first moved to WordPress a few months ago I probably should have entered myself into a 12-step program for plugin junkies. ;)

Pete: Thanks for the response! WhizSpark’s system is creating URLs with capital letters so that is why my URL in this entry had capitals in it. I didn’t type it out like that.

I just double-checked and now I *can* get to the event URL with capital letters in it. I think I’m starting to feel a little dizzy. :)

The “ads on website” thing sounds interesting. I will check it out!

There is a cookie setting issue. When you visit this site and there are capital letters in the url, the cookie isn’t getting set for some reason. We are looking into it. This appears to be the only site this is occurring on. But, we’ve moved it to the top of the priority list to figure out why.

Also, I believe the reason the site appears when you visit it with the capital letters is because you didn’t clear your cache after visiting the site with the lower case letters. We are using cookies to store the site id. So, once it is set, the site will render fine even if the cookie isn’t reset.

Will let you know what we figure out. In the meanwhile, could you please change your links in the post to the lowercase url, so others aren’t confused?


OMG! I’ve been staring at this for 2 hours and I just realized that your link has the incorrect event id in it.

You have 1223 in your link instead of 1123. I have no idea how this happened if you cut and pasted this, but there is no event id 1223 in the system. That’s why the error is occurring now. As it should be.

Did you originally use event id 1223? If so, did you delete that event and recreate it under 1223? Please let me know, so I can track this down, if there is an issue – at all.

Please change your links in your posts to 1123. Whether it is capitalized or not, it should work just fine.

Also, I deactivated your sponsors link and I don’t have your navigation button so I can not reactivate. Also, configure the ad code thing in WhizSpark, add FringeNetwork to the sponsors and we’ll hook you up with some ads again, if you’d like.


Restating this paragraph:

Did you originally use event id 1223? If so, did you delete that event and recreate it under 1123? Please let me know, so I can track this down, if there is an issue – at all.

Hi Pete. I think this has been very confusing. When you first looked into the problem it appears that you created a clone of the event. I went in and deleted one — perhaps the wrong one. Thanks for helping me get this resolved. I appreciate it. Maybe better error messages would be helpful? Something like “Event ID XXXX does not exist” would be a good start.

You may have deleted your originaly one. I believe I was very careful about not deleting yours. I did log in to your account and clone some. We thought there might have been a problem when you cloned an event or when you modified an old one. I don’t know the exact sequence either, since we were both changing things.

We are working on better error messages. It is very tough to anticipate every scenario. We appreciate your help and feedback very much!

Thanks Sooz!

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