What I Love

(This is a work in progress inspired by this.)

acronyms, live music, bats, Boston every season except winter, bourbon with coke and two lime slices, candles, fountain pens, frozen grapes, iced chai NEVER hot, independent bookstores, independent music, independent web, lima beans, office supplies, peonies, people watching on the bus, musicians who don’t hold back like Rose Polenzani and Sondre Lerche, sushi, tempeh, throwing fabulous parties, nostalgia, Nebraska now that I don’t live there anymore, connecting people/making introductions, genuine smiles for no good reason, receiving a handwritten letter, sleeping in under a pile of blankets, learning something new, collaborating on a project, cooking brunch for friends, wifi throughout the house especially on the porch sitting on the couch with my feet up, sharing music with friends, mixed tapes, pugs, surprises, road trips with no specific destination, reconnecting with someone after a long time, bed & breakfast inns, the hope that Moxy Fruvous will tour again someday, checking most everything off today’s to do list, life.