Yahoo!’s 360 Degrees

Jess Barron sent me an invite yesterday to join the Yahoo! 360 network/community/blog thingy. It’s been a while since I’ve logged into Friendster, Orkut and Ryze. It’ll be interesting to see if I frequent Yahoo!’s project more consistently. Here’s my profile if you’d like to add me as a contact at 360 Degrees.

2 replies on “Yahoo!’s 360 Degrees” (I work for them) actually came out with their alpha open profile a little before yahoo launched 360. Extremely similar in nature but tribe aggregates (more in beta) externally to tribe whereas I think yahoo only functions internally.

There are a lot of traits on yahoo I like though like the “see how different people see your profile” feature.

Let me know if you want an invite to test the tribe open profile.

Thanks for the comments. Sure, I’d be interested in an invite. I’m always curious.

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