Event photos of the Hungry Tiger Street Festival in Union Square

Edward Norton's Stationary Marching Band performing in Union Square

I doubt I could possibly mention enough how much I love living so close to Union Square in Somerville. It’s somehow managed to stay a “real” neighborhood with an emphasis on local first — and there are always fun and interesting events happening thanks to groups like Somerville Local First, Union Square Main Streets and the Somerville Arts Council. SAC hosted the first Hungry Tiger Street Festival on Saturday night — turning Union Square Plaza into a swarm of people, street food and music — and the enormous tiger made out of wire mesh and decorated colorful plastic sheets.

View the photo gallery to see more event photography from the Hungry Tiger Street Festival.

the giant tiger at Hungry Tiger Street Festival in Union Square Somerville

Photo: today’s office outside at The Granitorium


As much as I love the air conditioning at Design Annex during these crazy hot days, sometimes I like to work from home outside. I recently cleaned up the picnic table area at The Granitorium (aka where I live with Nick and Chris) so it’s a lot more appealing to sit outside and work. Or sit in the hammock. Unfortunately “work” and “sit in the hammock” don’t seem to happen at the same time. Do they make hammock desks? ;)

Here’s a photo of today’s outdoor office.

photo of outdoor office at The Granitorium