Complimentary wi-fi at Richmond airport but not in Boston?

I’ve been in Richmond, VA for a couple days for work-related training. Since there isn’t complimentary-wifi-for-all at Logan in Boston I didn’t expect it at the small Richmond aiport. I’m a couple hours early for my flight and there’s not much to do here at the airport. But guess what? Complimentary wi-fi! It is ridiculous that Comcast (who operates the wi-fi at Logan) won’t give customers complimentary access despite all the money they get from us every month for cable services. Though Logan really should just give everyone access to begin with.

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Agree. Palm Beach airport in FL has free access too. I think some of the airlines at Logan signed exclusive deals for paid providers a while back. But if we’re trying to get jobs back to this state it would be nice to put forth a better experience at the airport.

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