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I switched from to but after a few months, I’m just not using as much as I was using I just noticed that has some nifty stuff since I last used it including networks and private bookmarks.

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You know what? I’m with you. I’ve had accounts on pretty much all the alternatives. I just like I’ve had plum, jeteye, magnolia, and let’s not get into the lesser demons.

It’s just easy, and useful, and I even set my mom up with one.

I’m chrisbrogan on (but I rarely remember to look in “links for you.”

(tee hee… I mistyped “kinks for you” …tee hee).

I’m with you on this. I switched from delicious to magnolia… but it seems magnolia ‘s network has been weird lately. It takes along time to add something.

I guess I’ll have to wait for magnolia to be viewable so I can export my stuff into delicious.

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