Life Happens

Aha! I haven’t updated in a while. I’ve been digging into my new job at EditShare and spending more time with Michael and less time at my computer. Of course, that means I’m thoroughly behind on all sorts of stuff including updating Exploit Boston and adding new tidbits here. We went to on Friday night (FYI: IKEA is in the Top 10 Locations for a Friday Night Date). I don’t know if it’s really normal to love a store so much but oh how I do love Ikea. We bought new dressers, a kitchen cart, a new lamp and miscellaneous other items for a grand total of $12.34. OK, maybe it wasn’t that cheap but a bargain nonetheless.

Tonight’s plan is to see Frank Black at Axis. I’ll be taking photos for Exploit Boston and Michael will be writing words for Bostonist. Should be fun!