Boston Job: Operations Support Specialist at EditShare

I started a new job this week as an account manager at . They manufacture a system that stores audio and video media files in a central networked solution. It’s used by video production companies, television studios, etc. EditShare is looking for help from someone who wants to join the company as an operations suppport specialist. Obviously I haven’t been here long enough to share a lot of information about the company; but from what I can tell and what I’ve seen so far, it’s great. I knew Michelle, the officer manager, prior to taking the job. Since they’re located in Allston near where I live, I can walk to work which I have been really enjoying this week. Here’s the job description. If you have any questions or want to talk to Michelle who resumes can be sent to, let me know!

Operations Support Specialist

EditShare ( is seeking a full-time Operations and Support Specialist to join its Boston office. The right individual will be a self-motivated, fast-learning, energetic, teamwork oriented, multi-tasker looking to join an exciting start-up company. This position is full time, and is equal parts Tech Support (customer-facing) and internal Operations (behind-the-scenes product testing, quality control and delivery readiness).

EditShare is a manufacturer of a digital video server. The customers who call EditShare for tech support are mostly video editors using Avid, Adobe, Final Cut Pro, Pinnacle or a number of other non-linear video editing applications. These video editors are producing shows for Discovery Channel, A&E, Showtime, OLN and many other network and public TV projects, and EditShare’s digital video storage server is where all of their digital media is stored and shared. These customers need someone in tech support who speaks the language of video editing, but who also knows the technical specifics of EditShare’s OS. Our ideal candidate is a video editor who knows a bit about Linux, the foundation of EditShare’s technology.

The ideal candidate will:

  • Learn in-depth how to install, configure, use and troubleshoot EditShare software and hardware
  • Assist pre-Sales team or potential customers answering technical questions
  • Assist new customers with installation – by phone, via remote desktop programs, or in person.
  • Conduct training sessions with new or active customers – by phone, via remote desktop programs, or in person.
  • Coordinate sending out support bulletins to existing customers, verify that customers received them, and help customers implement any actions suggested by the support bulletin.
  • Assist in helping customers install upgrades
  • Handle daily inbound calls to post-Sales technical support “help desk” and document calls in a Customer Relationship Management database
  • Work with the overall EditShare team to contribute to product development by creating white papers and other technical documentation
  • Work with EditShare team to represent the company at some trade shows,
    customer sites and industry events

The right individual will receive intensive training in EditShare software and hardware installation and configuration. Applicants need to be able to come up to speed rapidly. Applicants should be familiar with a variety of video editing applications, especially Avid and Final Cut Pro. Applicants should have a basic understanding of networking – CAT5/6 wiring, IP Addresses, CableDSL Routers, etc. Applicants should also have a basic knowledge of Windows and OS X, and especially Linux (as our product is Linux-based) – enough to help customers with the occasional command line fix, and to help enable or disable custom features before machines are shipped to clients.


  • Familiarity with various NLE programs, especially Avid and Final Cut Pro
  • Familiarity with Linux, Windows and OS X
  • Basic Knowledge of TCP/IP Networking
  • Autonomous trouble ticket resolution
  • Excellent customer care skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Independent, innovative problem solving
  • Solution documentation