Thank You For Calling the SoozCenter

Michael just sent me a link to an article at the Boston Globe’s website about the FleetCenter’s naming rights going up for auction on eBay after Bank of America decided to pay a small pocket of change (about $3M) to get out of the buiding’s naming rights contract that they inherited after acquiring Fleet Bank. Proceeds from each of the single day naming rights will go to charity. There’s no mention of specific charities in the article. As of the time I’m writing this, there are six days days up for auction with the highest bid at $3,050.

The highest bidders won’t get to change the giant FleetCenter sign overlooking the highway. But they will get an assortment of perks, including their names on the FleetCenter’s website, its Jumbotron, and a message for callers to the automated phone system, which will say ”Thank you for calling the ‘YourCenter.’ They also will get four tickets to the day’s game or show, and a framed photo collage and a certificate, and a ”special surprise gift package.”

Update:The fine print on each of the listings mentions that “net proceeds will go to FleetCenter Neighborhood Charities (FCNC), a 501(c)(3) non-profit private foundation that benefits outreach initiatives focused on children and families in the Greater Boston area.”

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So far, on February 25th, the Fleet Center will be called the “ Center.” I’m the high bidder!

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