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Adam Gaffin has had a long-time Boston website at A few months ago he set up as a community news website for anyone to contribute their own content to.

Last night he wrote an entry about Brian’s blog entry about a two-car accident near his home. Within a couple hours, Adam saw what Brian wrote when he was looking at Universal Hub’s aggregator and then linked to it on Universal Hub. This morning Adam wrote:

But here’s a request/challenge: We could cut that down to almost no time at all. Get a Universal Hub account (they’re free and we’ve got about a bazillion of ’em), and when news breaks, log on here and post about it (or link from here to the more detailed account on your site).

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I think my comment on UHub to that request features a winning idea… why should we leave the comfort of our blog to go elsewhere to spread news? Shouldn’t that happen (if we choose to republish) automatically? Why blog twice? Ping, and have UHub pick it up. It’s better for them (more content) better for me/you (less work to contribute) and better for general readers (more diverisified and more (quantity) content!

Hey, thanks for the comment.

I think there is something like that over on in the “Boston Feeds” section of the site. Anyone who has a public RSS feed that Adam/UH picks up on is listed there whenever they’ve got new content. (

Or am I misunderstanding your idea? There’s probably a good chance of that.

I think the homepage of UH does a good job of spotlighting/curating interesting finds and tidibts that might be lost in that sea of content in the feeds area of the site.

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