Boston Rocks #4: Take You Higher at Harper’s Ferry

Take You Higher

The at HeyLetsGo is meeting up tonight (10/6/06) for outing #4 to see , a Sly Stone tribute band from Boston at Harper’s Ferry in Allston. They’re an eight-piece band of Boston musicians who got together in 2005 to cover the music of Sly Stone. I’m rarely into cover bands; but this is a bunch of really talented musicians — and hey, the music is fun. If you want to join us, please do. A few of us are meeting for dinner at 9PM at Soul Fire and then the plan is to walk up the street and meet up with everyone at 10PM at Harper’s Ferry for the show. The cover charge is $5.

See you ?

One reply on “Boston Rocks #4: Take You Higher at Harper’s Ferry”

I can’t go. :(

I have have to promise to go see Hugh perform with his new band, Muck and the Mires. If I don’t go, my ass will be GRASS!

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